Two Nutrition Options

ProCoach Nutrition Coaching:

  • Facilitated by Reid Skory, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach and owner of Motiv8 Fitness.
  • ProCoach is an internet based program that helps you develop healthy nutritional and lifestyle habits to support your goals. Daily e-mails, modules and activities are assigned then overseen by Reid who'll provide help and feedback.
  • You learn how to make healthier decisions, listen to your body, discover why you make the choices you do, and more.
  • This option is perfect for anyone without underlying medical conditions.

Registered Dietitian:

  • If you have an underlying medical condition greatly affected by nutrition (Celiac's, Type 1 Diabetes, etc.), working with our Registered Dietition may be a better option.
  • Ellen is our consulting Registered Dietitian working with clients who battle various medical conditions. She's available by appointment only for one-on-one consults and meal planning at a rate of $90/hr.
  • A Registered Dietitian is a highly regulated profession and often works in clinical settings. Registered dietitians are required to a have minimum of 4 years academic study from an accredited university, they must partake in a 900 hour supervised internship, pass a comprehensive national examination and complete ongoing continuing education to maintain their status as an RD. As professionals, they are also held to a professional code of ethics much like physicians.
Ellen Darnall, Registered Dietitian

Ellen Darnall, Registered Dietitian

Reid Skory, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

Reid Skory, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach